On the occasion of celebrating 30/4 and 01/5 "Cooperative Nagarjuna Creature, Creature Nhon Trach Association in collaboration with Scorpio Gold Company Limited held contests offered crested birds singing, as follows :

1.For participants: artists who live birds inside and outside the province can participate in the contest and some birds are not limited
2.Thoi time Organization: The contest kicks off at 00 days 09 hours 04/26/2015 - Sunday
(The artist, who live birds in the contest three times proposed to 8 hours for registration and procedures).
3.Dia venues: Bo Cap Vang Eco Tourism  (Commue 3 Phuoc Khanh, Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai)
4. Is the prize structure:
   - 01 first prizes: 8.000.000đ (Eight million vnd) + license + Souvenirs
   - 01 second prizes: 5,000,000đ (Five million vnd) + license + Souvenirs
   - 01 third Prize: 3,000,000đ (three million vnd) + license + Souvenirs
   - 01 investment solutions: 2,000,000đ (two million vnd) + license + Souvenirs
   - 10 consolation prizes, each of the 500,000đ (five hundred thousand vnd) + license + Souvenirs
   - 06 Award Top 20: 200,000đ (two hundred thousand vnd) + license + Souvenirs
   - 10 Award Top 30: license + Souvenirs
5.To arbitration include: Both referee tui khi chen hang Dong Nai & The City. HCM
6.Chi contest participation fee: 150,000đ / cage (one hundred and fifty thousand / cage)

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