With traditional flavors combine with pure ingredients, cuisine KDL wild population ecology Scorpio Gold has created its own features to this place


The feeling of being immersed in unspoiled nature with the cool river, the birds coo, like all intertwined to create live remixes of natural cases here.

In addition to these skills live in harmony with nature, feelings and remember the experience, time and activities, friendship...

Game on land

Exciting and interesting to conquer the game challenging, interest in folk games.

Water Game

Attractive and charismatic players with different emotions.

Meeting - Wedding Party

As a quiet space and close to nature for conferences but no less romantic, cozy outdoor for wedding party.


Is an ideal venue for teambuilding activities as well as on-shore underwater

Flexibility in role provider location or organizational unit, Teambuilding - Bo Cap Vang always want all our partners the highest satisfaction in every service teambuilding 

Proactive in...