Grilled Chicken Bowl

Date 20/07/2014

Being branded food longtime crude Grilled Chicken Bowl has won first in Southern cuisine contest in 2011. 
Chicken and lemongrass scented cane flavor, cooked by steam should be very sweet, tender chicken that make imbued sauce chicken, eat when taken with salt and chilli seeds.

Snakehead's Grilled

Date 20/07/2014

Grilled snakehead is a rustic flavor and a unique way of processing very simple. Fish snakehead not need process, not marinated spices. Snakehead fish caught in the river just up, washed, be regular with a long stick from mouth to tail, then grilled over hot coals. 
Baked fish just remove the meat with salt pepper, which is a new type of granular salt perceive all taste both salty spicy fragrance has fresh medium. Besides you can eat with onion, tamarind sauce and wrapped in rice paper, herbs of all kinds.

Grilled Wild Boar

Date 28/07/2014

After waving the river under cool it felt to be gathered charcoal fire with friends, straw just talk and enjoy each piece of pork roast yellow fragrant forests are not happy with anything. 
There are many delicious dishes made ​​from wild boar meat such as wild boar roast with salt and chilli, grilled, stir-fried, dishes are fake mongoose ... But many people prefer boar meat is served with grilled green peppers and salt. The aroma of the dish has a strange attraction that you can not resist.

Sat - Sun & Holiday

Date 20/07/2014

You will be enjoy barbecue (BBQ) buffet with fresh seafood, skewered meats, grilled rabbit, ... plus sauces accompanying characteristic is equally attractive.

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