50 children playing together at home Bo Cap Vang Theme Park

The children in shelters made ​​a Bamboo Village entertainment, fun and impressive when the cheerleader Bo Cap Vang Theme park taking a lot of games such as surfing, sailing on the grass, Quad Racing, Sumo, jumping, soccer, diving, water slide, ... the children were divided into teams and compete against each other, the program ends, the winning team receive attractive prizes from the organizers. 
Share on purpose program organization he represents Hung Nguyen Viet  Bo Cap Vang Theme park said: "The said event was first held in resort and Bo Cap Vang Theme park will become an official traditional, the Bo Cap Vang Theme park. Through events, Bo Cap Vang Theme park wants to create a level playing field for the object disadvantaged, especially children needed tui khi chen hang attention and care from the community. It is in the children's playground will have the opportunity to socialize and entitlements of recreational activities, relaxing, learning like other children. Besides,Bo Cap Vang Theme park also want to convey the message, calling people together to share, to help the less fortunate in life. "

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